This fund aims to achieve capital appreciation in the long term by investing on the Zambia Capital Market with minority exposures to some offshore markets. The objective of the Fund cannot be materially changed or amended without the prior approval of the unit holders.


The investment strategy or asset allocation strategy may vary from time to time to reflect changing economic circumstances or market conditions. Under normal market conditions, the Fund’s equity exposure will be at least 35%.


During the duration of this Prospectus, the prospective asset allocation of the Fund will be as follows;-

  • Equities and equity related securities – minimum 0% and maximum 95% of the NAV of the Fund
  • Fixed income instruments and liquid assets – maximum 100% and minimum 5% of the NAV of the fund
  • offshore equity investments – minimum 0% and maximum 15% of the NAV of the fund


Portfolio Manager Mweemba Mwiinga
Size USD 2.60 Million
Risk profile Low
Benchmark London Inter-Bank Offer Rate (LIBOR)
Launch date September 2013
Trustee AMG Global Trust Ltd
Trading closing time 4:00 p.m.
Minimum Investment Lump sum: Lump sum: ZMW 50,0001
Lump sum: ZMW 5002

1 Minimum investment amount for institutions

2 Minimum investment amount for individuals


Front End Load 3 (of investment)
Back End Load 3 (of redemption)
Transfer Charge K10


The fund is permitted to invest in the following:

  • Securities of local companies listed on the LUSE
  • Securities and liquid assets in foreign markets that are approved by the investments Committee
  • Private debt securities, loan stocks and corporate bonds:
  • Unlisted securities whether or not approved for listing and quotation under the rules of an eligible market, which are offered directly to the Fund by issue.
  • Government Securities, Treasury Bills, Bank Negotiable certificates of Deposit
  • Units or shares of other collective investment schemes; Cash, deposits and money market instruments with licensed institutions and/or other institutions licences or approved to accept deposits;
  • Any other form of investments as may be agreed upon by the Manager and the Trustee from time to time; and
  • Any other form of investments as approved by the SEC from time to time.