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Social Responsibility.

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Aflife is deeply aware of how vital the social political environment is to the success of its business and has a focused social strategy in place that is supported by a corporate social investment program. Our social responsibility initiatives ensure that African Life Financial Services ploughs part of its revenue into the community in order that society life is bettered and also in recognizing society as a key stakeholder to our business development.


At African Life Financial Services, we carry out various community initiatives to alleviate the suffering of the majority of the Zambian people through donations to institutions of learning and health centers as these truly reflect the African Life human philosophy of enhancing a literate and healthier citizenry.


We also carry out programs to sensitize the general populace on the need for them to make savings whilst still actively engaged in employment or business through the motto ‘An investment now is a deposit into the future’ so as to enable them meet their needs and lead comfortable lives beyond retirement.