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About Us.

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Who we are

We are Zambia’s largest private investment managers and are pioneers of the Zambian investment management industry, having a track record that goes back over 26 years to the liberalization of the Zambian financial sector. We have capabilities across all major asset classes that are managed either through segregated or pooled mandates depending on the investor’s preference. In addition to pension fund management we have proven capabilities in property development, corporate finance, and managing the life and non-life assets of insurance companies.

Through our Mpile Unit Trust funds we offer the following products to suit every investment case for institutional clients:


ladycheckmarkMpile Global Equity Fund


checkmarkMpile Local Equity Fund


checkmarkMpile High Yield Debt Fund


checkmarkMpile Money Market Fund


checkmarkMpile Balanced Fund


checkmarkMpile Property Fund


checkmarkMpile Gratuity Fund



For Pension Fund Management, Aflife investment management services includes:

checkmarkReview of the fund profile

checkmarkSetting up of a long term investment strategy,

checkmarkImplementing the strategy,

checkmarkInvesting fund assets, keeping clients informed of investment decisions/recommendations, and achieving the long term security of our ultimate clients, the members.